Unique teaching system from the iColor Academy
Course for trainers
Takes 3 days
If you have enough experience working as a permanent makeup artist and you want to start sharing it, we offer you to become a basic course trainer.

Teaching is a whole new level of your career which you may start with us!
Having become a trainer, you:
Will acquire new knowledge and an understanding of the structure of the basic course
Will become a recognizable artist and will be able to participate in conferences and festivals
Will be able to train the beginner artists
Will improve the quality of your individual master classes
Will greatly increase your income
Will get the hang of working with difficult groups
Will receive support of all trainers of the Academy and become a part of a vast team of iColor professionals
What is the course for trainers?
It is 3 days of complete exposure to teaching techniques and mastering pedagogy
It is readymade teaching plans developed by the iColor Academy and practicing trainers
It is a complete rethinking of the teaching process
Upon completion of the course for trainers you will receive a license of the European iColor Academy and a trainer's guide that will help you to easily start your own teaching practice.
Advance with the iColor Academy to be one of the best!