General terms for en.icolorpmu.com
In order to establish reciprocal cooperation and understanding with clients, we recommend you to get acquainted with and accept onward conditions of SIA ICOLOR, Reg. No. LV40103470230 (onward depicted as iColor) when purchasing offered goods.

1) Basing on the fact that offered iColor goods are sold via Internet, according to Article 10 (Consumer Protection Act of the Republic of Latvia), purveyor and client make an agreement between one another. (far-field agreement)

2) All information that concerns terms and conditions of use, description of goods, price and shipping can be altered on en.icolorpmu.com without any preliminary announcement and published on en.icolorpmu.com
1. It is possible to order goods on en.icolorpmu.com or via phone: +371 29187350 or via e-email: info@icolorpmu.com. You can also turn to our customer service centre that is located on Plasta str. 5, Riga.

2. Prices do not include VAT (Value Added Tax) and shipping cost.

3. When processing the order, it is required to indicate phone number, name, surname and e-email, thus making it is feasible to keep in the loop with the shipping process. Moreover, it is required in case there is a need of sending additional information.

4. Before making a purchase, we ask you to get acquainted with terms and conditions of shipping and payment here. It is possible to pay for the order and shipping by bank transfer or to pay lying some distance off or to pay at the place when withdrawing the order (only at iColor office on Plasta str. 5, Riga). Only prepay and full amount of sum (with fees and shipping) are accepted. We offer several means of shipping when making an order:

4.1 Reception of goods at iColor office on Plasta str. 5, Riga. Mon.-Fr.: 10:00-19:00. Free of charge.

4.2 Courier delivery to indicated address. Mon.-Fr.: 08:00-18:00. Shipping cost depends on:

· Weight

· Delivery address (area)

Before the approximate delivery, client clarifies all aspects of delivery. (date & time)

4.3 Delivery stations and Latvian post offices. The shipping is carried out on workdays and the payment depends on the means of shipping (Latvian post offices – Omniva), includes weight and size of a package as well. In case client buys a great quantity of goods, it is feasible to ship them all together or separately.

5. Before using purchased goods, it is advisable to read manual and use goods according to prescribed instructions by manufacturer.

6. Offered goods have warranty in those cases if manufacturer provides warranty. Warranty expiry date and other aspects are mentioned either in the description of any specific good or in the warranty documents. Warranty does not affect customer's rights in accordance with normative acts. Service is provided according to regulations and Consumer Protections Acts of the Republic of Latvia. It is strictly forbidden to alter purchasing documents in every way or add amendments.

7. Consumers can use Refusal right, basing on the legislation of the Republic of Latvia that was enacted by the Cabinet Council. No. 255 ''Far-field arrangements'' states that a consumer is eligible of returning purchased goods within 14 calendar days back to the i-shop. iCOLOR is eligible of refusing the return of goods if there are some malfunctions or the supplies are not complete. In case there is necessity of arranging return of goods, please contact us via info@icolorpmu.com or via phone: +371 29187350.

8. We remind you that Consumer Protection Act will not work if goods are purchased by legal body.

9. NB! Range of goods and their prices may be change without preliminary announcement.

10. User of en.icolopmu.com agrees on receiving information from iColor Magazine's deals & bargains.

11. iColor is eligible of sending notifications, reminding about commenced, but unfinished services as well as other information to indicated e-mail address in order to enhance service quality. iColor is eligible of sending information about special deals and discounts.

12. By entering your e-mail address, you agree that iColor will include your information into database, thus making it possible to sending information/notifications about commenced, but unfinished order. It must be noted that by indicating your e-mail address you endorsed the usage of your personal data by en.icolorpmu.com in order to perform all above-mentioned operations, including up-to-date updates and special deals from iColor.

13. In case there is a discrepancy in good's description, iColor kindly asks you to inform staff in order to foster better service. It is possible to get in touch with iColor service via e-mail: info@icolorpmu.com or via phone: +371 29187350.

14. In case there are complaints or recommendations, iColor asks you to get in touch with Customer Service via e-mail: info@icolorpmu.com or via phone: +371 29187350.

15. In case there are any inquires, iColor asks you to get in touch with Customer Service via e-mail: info@icolorpmu.com or via phone: +371 29187350.

16. iColor has the right not to process the order in case its staff could not contact the buyer via indicated e-mail address or phone number.

Privacy policy
Limited liability company SIA iColor. Reg. No. LV40103470230. Registered office address:
Zolitūdes str. 36k1-71, Riga, Latvia

LV1029 (onward depicted as iColor) accepted obligations of customers privacy policy.

Basing on previously mentioned obligations, iColor has come up with genuine principles of Privacy policy that encompass:
· gathering
· usage
· publications
· transfer
· storing customers' personal data

iColor's legal activity corresponds to legislation of the Republic of Latvia and well as to regulations of the European Union. We ask you to dedicate some time and read the principles of iColor's Privacy policy.

1. Gathering and usage of personal data
Personal data is that is gathered by iColor on individual's consent in order to execute conditions of the agreement and to keep in touch with individual in the future.

Gathering of personal data may be conducted in the following ways:

1. By indicating personal data, i.e. name, personal ID, postal index, phone number, e-mail address or other means of communication on our website or in a shop;

2. Consulting client's account on en.icolorpmu.com or using cookies;

3. When processing or making a purchase in our shops or web stores, thus indicating personal data or by saving absent information in order to state preferable purchase method. iColor may ask you to provide personal data deliberately in some segments of web stores. Required personal data may include:

· Name
· Address
· Postal index
· E-mail address
· Phone number, etc.
2. Gathering of other data
iColor also gathers impersonal data, which means that it is improbable to link the data directly to an individual, i.e. gender, age, language preferences, location. It is impossible to identify individuals directly or impliedly.

More than that, iColor can gather miscellaneous data about client's activity on the website. This data is gather with aim to notify clients and send in essential information about fresh goods and services of their scope of interest. Miscellaneous data is integrated into our Privacy policy as impersonal data.
2.1 Cookies & Similar Technologies
Cookies are small text files placed on your device to store data that can be recalled by a web server in the domain that placed the cookie. We use cookies and similar technologies for storing and honoring your preferences and settings, providing interest-based advertising, combating fraud, analyzing how our products perform, and fulfilling other legitimate purposes.

We also use "web beacons" to help deliver cookies and gather usage and performance data. Our websites may include web beacons, cookies, or similar technologies from third-party service providers.

You have a variety of tools to control the data collected by cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies. For example, you can use controls in your Internet browser to limit how the websites you visit are able to use cookies and to withdraw your consent by clearing or blocking cookies.
3. Usage of client's gathered data
Using client's gathered data iColor can send notify client about upcoming events and advertising campaigns. Those clients, who do not want to receive any notifications about events, sales and fresh deals can easily unsubscribe by removing their names from the list of target audience. Gathered data is also used to deliver goods and commit our liabilities that underlie iColor – client agreement.

In order to provide better service, iColor can disclose some information about individual clients to third party that render services directly to iColor and are bound by non-disclosure agreement. Third parties are our business partners that deal with shipping of purchased goods.
4. Transfer of personal data abroad
We will do our utmost in order to make sure that client's personal data is safe, if/when transferred abroad.

iColor is obliged not to share client's personal data to organizations or third parties that are in a country with indecent security level, apart from onward depicted cases:
· Client gave his/her consent;
· Transfer of personal data is required to make or fulfil an agreement with the client;
· Transfer of personal data is required to make or fulfil an agreement, which is in client's interest;
· Transfer of personal data is licit and is performed in accordance with normative acts.
5. Security of client's personal data
iColor uses every precaution methods possible, including administrative, technical and physical, in order to protect client's personal data. Only authorised personnel has access to data processing and altering.
6. Access to client's personal data
By presenting a legitimate query in a written form, client is eligible of receiving following information:

· What kind of client's data was gathered and what was the source (if it does not contradict normative acts);
· Aim of data collection and data about those parties that are collection personal data.

7. Security
All client's data that was acquired during shopping on iColor's website is considered confidential.

Cyphered transfer channel between banks grants safe transfer of personal and required data.

In order to protect client's interests, we ensure:
· Legitimate processing of data;
· Processing of gathered data in compliance with pointed aim and sufficient capacity;
· Special data storage software that assures possibility of identification of a client in any time that does not exceed previously assigned margins;
· Precision/validity of personal data, up-to-date updates, correction or removal of personal data if it is not insufficient or inexact.

Client can legitimately claim that his/her data is altered/added. It is feasible to claim that data processing must be stopped as well as personal data removal in case the data is obsolete, incomplete, and untrue, illicitly processed and does not comply with previously processed data.

8. Changing conditions of privacy policy
We assume that you got acquainted with and accepted iColor's principles and privacy policy before using our website. We are eligible to altering major privacy policy conditions. In case there are some problems with data processing that are linked to privacy policy or a client wants to unsubscribe or delete his/her data from the account, we ask you to contact us via e-mail: info@icolorpmu.com
Goods can be returned within 14 days after the purchase. Purchased goods must not be damaged or used. iColor will make full refund except shipping cost that is fully covered by a client him/herself. If purchased good was already damaged or had a defect, we will make full refund or change the good and cover shipping expenses. Goods will be sent to indicated address via post, omniva or by a courier.
Order processing may take 1-3 business days or more, when agreed with the customer. We deliver our goods to all European countries within 14 working days via post or b courier services. Worldwide shipping takes approximately 28 working days. Shipping cost is calculated from package's size, weight and the country to deliver goods to.

Maximal weight of one package is 10 kg. If your order exceed previously mentioned limitations, it will be divided into several packages. iColor is obliged to inform a client about shipping cost beforehand. If you have any inquiries concerning shipping, contact us via e-mail: info@pmu.com