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Composite, not dense pigments for PMU
Pigments Basic Line
Pigments for cover-up an old tattoo
Correctors Basic Line
Sets Basic Line
Only you decide how your machine will look
iColor Fly Pro
iColor Fly
The machine that can become an extensions of the artist's hand

The most actual colors according with experts
Pigments Deluxe Line
Organic synthetic colors for lips. The 6 unique shades.
Skin & Areola
Perfectly suitable skin pigments
Stay ahead of the competitors with a new procedure - Tinted lips
iColor Blur
The product for lightening of an old tattoo
iColor clothing
Stylish and comfortable clothing for beauty masters
iColor Fix
It covers the wound skin and holds pigment in the skin
iColor pencils
Ideal powder pencils for drawing sketch of brows, eyes and lips
iColor Mousse
A product that replace green soap and micellar water
Everything that can still useful for you