Pigments for eyes iColor basic line
Black velvet and dark grey are the main colours in line (eye pigments). There are three colourful pigments: Nefrit, Iris, Lavander. Above-mentioned colours are intended for artistic design.

Black velvet (base) – charcoal. Its peculiar feature is that it gently emerges through dark grey colour, leaving no tail of unwilling hue. Consistency: liquid. It is advisable to adjust needle: 1, 8-2 mm. while working.
Vial's value: 10 and 5 ml.
With dispenser (1) and vacuum lid with child safe system (2). Warning triangle on the lid for blind people. The first opening is controlled by lock ring (3). Narrow dispenser allows dripping pigments into storage. Crystal-clear PET material (4) perfectly displays authentic colour of pigments.
Made in USA
Manufacturing of iColor's basic line pigments is carried out with compliance to technical resolutions and specific recipe and is the intellectual property of SIA iColor. All manufacturing steps are carried out according to ISO 22716. The whole process takes place in sterile buildings with adjusted humidity and microenvironment levels. Before launching, every article is thoroughly inspected (quality control). Scientists take one article from every line into the lab in case there is a need for additional comparison.

These trendy hues will saturate any palette. Black velvet – is a notorious bestseller that does not turn into unwilling hue after healing. It gradually exposes itself through dark grey colour. Radiant hues will be an indispensable addition for every palette and a perfect option for shading.
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The behavior of the pigment Velvet Black after 1.5 years