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iColor Fly Pro
Mid-range device with a 3.1mm needle lift for all types of work
Everything you need is included
FLY PRO reliable technology
Display featuring mechanical buttons, backlight and smart memory of your favourite speeds
The plug with golden contacts ensures steady, uninterrupted supply of current
Every component of the device is hand-forged by us and has undergone internal quality checks
The Swiss Faulhaber 15V motor generates a powerful impulse, while integrated smoothing damper ensures a gentle puncture
The patented double step mechanism (an engineering development of iColor team) prevents any idle punctures and ensures the needle return
The motor capsule safely protects all parts, making the device resistant to impact and liquids
Adjustable needle overhang
Comfortable grip
Anodized aluminum that can be autoclaved with no concern
A beautiful molded case with no unneeded joints and bolts
Comfortable grip
A beautiful molded case with no unneeded joints and bolts
Anodized aluminum that can be autoclaved with no concern
Adjustable needle overhang
FLY PRO comfortable work
Cordless steady pedal
made of polished stainless steel, is charged using the adaptor included in the set. One charge will last for 3 weeks of daily use
A built-in handpiece holder
coated in special polymer material, with an option to hide it
The adapter’s detachable plug
allows you to work in any country with different types of sockets
Small plug with golden details
rotates 360 degrees and prevents wire from tangling
Medium weight handpiece (90 grams)
ensures comfortable work and prevents any fatigue in wrists even after 2,5 hours of working
The speed ranging from 30 to 80
allows for a wide range of possibilities, whereas the precise speed shifting in 1 turn increments allows for individual customization
easy and intuitive
travel friendly size
Works performed with FLY PRO
FLY PRO safety
allows for high quality sterilization while causing no harm to the technology
The watertightness of the handpiece
shape of the handpiece allows for proper sterilization of its surface
The molded monocoque
is smooth and also can be disinfected easily
The display surface
Choose your color
How to remove the case for autoclaving and disinfection
Spring Mint
Mist Grey
Awesome Pink
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