The effect of easy toning of the lips
COLORTUNE is a new procedure and product from the iColor company. The procedure is very short, lasts for 30 minutes only and is performed using any needles. The COLORTUNE product is sold as a kit wherein 5 different shades of 5 ml are provided for the achievement of a perfect result.
Thanks to its oily texture, the product has a nourishing effect and gives the appearance of smooth lips.
The colors maintain their distinction upon healing.
The kit includes 5 shades, featuring warm, neutral and cold colors.
The color does not settle in the deep layers of derma and has a short wearing life that on the average does not exceed 6 months.
SPECIAL ASPECTS OF THE PRODUCT - Lip tunes have watery consistency and get onto tooth enamel and gums during the procedure, it is necessary to warn the client and thoroughly remove the residues using a cloth and rinse with water after the procedure.
Neutral rosy-beige shade, can be applied as a last layer to create powdery effect
Tune Red • 5 ml
Tune Coral • 5 ml
Tune Beige • 5 ml
Tune Pink • 5 ml
Tune Brownie • 5 ml
Warm, refreshing color, perfect for cold lips.
Cold red shade, used solely when working on warm lips or as a base layer.
Cold pink shade for warm lips
Warm light brown caramel shade. Looks naturally on olive skin, enhances the appearance of cold lips.
Women who fear pain, the tunes are introduced into the upper layers and due to short duration of the procedure the client may not feel any pain
Women who cannot decide upon a color and do not want to wear a color for long
Women with nice lip shape
When refreshing existing PMU
Not suitable when the natural lip shape needs to be corrected
When old PMU needs to be covered
Secondary anesthesia is applied if required
No sketch is required, but the lips may be outlined on the skin with a white pencil in order not to lose the lip line
The whole procedure takes 30 minutes
The tunes are not mixed with each other but are applied layer by layer.
The procedure is performed using one point needle, multipoint needles or the MESO cartridge
Primary anesthesia is applied for 10 minutes
The kit price is 95€